Fistful of Hackers: Demand for IT Security Grows Throughout the Nation


It’s starting to look like the Wild West in cyberspace. A nearly boundless frontier fraught with with data rustlers, confidence programs, and more recently, an ever growing number of outlaw hackers. Naturally, an increase of cyber attacks in the public and private sectors are making demand for IT Security Experts and so-called “Certified Ethical Hackers” skyrocket. They’re the desperado tech masters who’s job it is to look at your company’s defenses like someone who intended to make away with all you’ve got, then fix the weak spots in your barbed wire (don’t worry, I’m going to stretch this cowboys metaphor until the cows come home).

So anyway, these guys are like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all in one package, and they’re the people that recruiters are having having the most trouble tracking down.

According to WANTED Analytics, net security positions rated up to an 88 in difficulty (super high) in Washington DC and a 71 at the lowest difficulty(still pretty hard) in Indianapolis, Austin and Albuquerque. Not too surprisingly, the US Government is the body with the keenest interest in these cyber coachmen, with Scientific and Technical Services being some of the other top industries with a high demand for IT Secutrity. Well, I’ve got to mosey on cowpokes. Click the link below to get the specifics on where IT Security is in highest demand.

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