Getting Past the Cold Shoulder in Cold Calls


Forming a connection or even getting someone’s attention over a cold call can be challenging. There is a good chance that you will be brushed off initially or, even worse, after giving your all in a passionate pitch.

A dismissal may not be the end, however.

According to an article from ERE.net, if you are dismissed in a knee jerk sort of way right from the start of the call, you should not give up. Instead, hear the person out on why they aren’t interested and then try to engage them in conversation with a less direct line of questions. By letting the person that you’re calling do some of the talking, you are transforming a pitch into a dialogue, forming a connection with this person that you’ve known for 60 seconds.

Even if trying to engage the candidate or potential client doesn’t work, politeness and an open ear can form relationships that could translate to a new hire a few years down the line. To read the 10 steps in building rapport in cold calls, click the link below.

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