Great Technology Is Driven By Great Talent


The cutting edge of technology is a funny thing. The more a product is portrayed as sexy and futuristic, the more it ends up looking dated after it is, inevitably, left in the dust by the next big breakthrough.

Do you remember when the hottest cell phones on the market had actual buttons on them?

Today’s hand held tablets and smart phones do infinitely more than even computers from 15 years ago. You can hardly even call them phones any more! But, like I was saying, the next best thing will always make the old model look like a pile of junk by comparison. I mean, why would you actually touch a screen if you could just wave your hands in front of it instead?

Besides the obvious pro of not getting your greasy fingers all over the screen, gesture sensitive interfaces are just plain awesome!

Companies specializing in this futuristic stuff are being snatched up left and right by the industry’s heavy hitters like Microsoft and HP, so you can bet that gesture sensitive computers and mobile devices aren’t too far in the future. It’s innovations like these that continue to move the cutting edge forward, and it’s these innovations that are made possible by the top talent in the tech industry.

This week on the Accolo blog is all about the workers that continue to drive innovations like gesture sensitive interfaces.

Now, if gesture sensitive interface makes you think of an app that appreciates a box of chocolates now and again, then that makes two of us. What the technology actually does is read hand gestures with minuscule cameras and allow you to navigate the internet with a few waves of the hand.

This stuff has some pretty obvious space age appeal and it’s clear that companies are looking to cash in on making this the next big thing. Microsoft, HP, Asus and Apple have all made moves in acquiring some of the most promising gesture-technology companies on the market. This just goes to show that the first step in developing the next great thing is investing in the right people.


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