Hiring for Passion and Loyalty


Do you wish that your employees showed more commitment and engagement to their work? Do you wish that your turnover would slow down or even vanish like a puff of smoke? While hiring employees that will be committed to your company many years down the line is kind of like trying to predict the weather a few years in advance, hiring for loyalty and passion is definitely possible.

Your number one obstacle to separating the phonies from the fans of your company is the tool that you’ll be using to do that separating: the interview.

Talk about some Catch 22 mess!

It might be hard and it might not amount to anything, but putting in a little extra effort into your job marketing and interview process can help you to attract and hire more passionate, loyal employees.

The first thing that you need to do in order to attract loyal employees is to have a strong brand. If there isn’t anything online that sets you apart from the competition, then the people who apply for your job won’t be doing so because they like your company’s mission, message or even your product. They’ll be doing so because they want a job, not because they want to build a career with your company.

In order to get people who are excited about working for you, you need to give them something to be excited about. Make sure that job seekers will be exposed to your company’s story, to material that will let them think, “Hey, I could really picture myself working there.” By making sure that your company has a defined brand and that this brand is leveraged in every step of the hiring process (the job description, your careers page and even the interview process), you are more likely to attract applicants who share in your company’s ideals and want to be a part of your organization for reasons other than a paycheck.

Once you’ve made sure that your company is representing itself properly to job seekers, it’s time to sit back and watch the applicants come in. Before you start your interviewing, take stock of what qualities your most loyal employees exhibit. Chances are that one of these qualities is their tendency to go the extra mile when it comes to getting the work done.

While asking “Are you willing to go the extra mile for work?” is pretty useless (I mean, who in their right minds would say anything but yes?), it’s pretty easy to see who’s done their homework for the interview. Try asking applicants questions about your company or product and see what they’ve found out on their own.

Now, picking applicants that have done their homework on your organization isn’t anything new, but you’re looking for the people that did the research and became excited to apply. While it can be tough to separate these interested candidates from those who are just interested in getting a job, it’s definitely possible. Try asking them if they’ve seen the branded material that I was talking about earlier and, more importantly, what got them to apply to your job in the first place.

You’re looking for thoughtful answers here and genuine interest, not the ones that just sparkle with that nervous interview energy.

Hopefully, by making sure that your recruiting efforts are leveraging your company’s brand/identity and selecting candidates who are genuinely interested in what your company does, you will hire more loyal, passionate employees in your next round of hiring.


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