Hiring For Skill, Not Appearance


There are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances in an interview. You can pick out your best outfit, prepare all your materials and even practice questions in the mirror if you’re that kind of person. But how about losing a few pounds, or even more than a few? According to a new study out of Germany, HR professionals consistently underestimated the workplace abilities of overweight and obese people. The HR test subjects were given photos without any reference to the occupations of the people they were evaluating, and low-balled heavier folks across the board. We can’t help the hand we’re dealt, and passing a candidate up just for aesthetic reasons seems counter productive. In the United States, where 36% of people over 20 are technically obese, odds are that you will encounter plenty of candidates who are overweight. Being fat isn’t unprofessional, but passing someone up because they’re fat is. To read an ERE.net article on the German survey, click the link below.

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