Hostess Executives Seeking Millions in Bonuses to Facilitate Liquidation


For some deliciously fluffy and cream filled Friday business happenings, today’s story is a sickly sweet update on the liquidation of the Hostess company. The manufacturer of such beloved and artery clogging confections as Snowballs, Ho Ho’s and (of course) The Twinkie filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

The company’s executives are looking to ride the wave of consumer nostalgia to a big cash payout. Preliminary discussions suggest that the pastry company’s executives are looking for bonuses in the neighborhood of 1.8 million dollars to ride out the liquidation process. According to a Huffington Post article, the unloading of Hostess’s brands is a time sensitive issue, the brand becoming less valuable the longer they remain off of the shelves of convenience stores and super markets. To get more details on potential buyers of this iconic company, click the link below.

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