How Bias Can Impair Hiring Decisions


We all have favorites. Whether it’s a flavor of ice cream or the cut of a T-shirt, we all have that instant, visceral reaction when we find something or someone that suits us: the answer. While knowing what works for you and what you like are excellent qualities for a hiring manager or recruiter to possess, these feelings of instant affinity for certain candidates can sometimes lead to ignoring facts that might have gotten the people you liked less dropped from the running too soon.

According to an article from ERE.net, such purposeful ignorance of credentials, like a poor review from a reference, is called “Confirmation Bias” and should be avoided at all costs. Latching on to a particular candidate because their interview wasn’t as painfully awkward as with the others can lead to poor hiring decisions.

One tactic to avoid such potentially disadvantageous favoritism is to run reference checks on all of the top candidates before you call them in to interview. This will give you a more objective picture of their work history and will allow you to make a better hiring decision. To read the full ERE.net article, click the link below.

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