How do You Tell if Recent Grads Will Stick Around?


Hiring recent college graduates is tricky. If you’ll think back to whenever it was that you were first on your own in the “real world”, you might remember the disorientation and the added stress of all the little responsibilities Mom and Dad used to take care of. You may also remember wanting to do something completely different than what you ended up with in your career. Today, this confused and transitory mind state is still alive and well in young professionals.

One of the greatest concerns that employers have about this most recent generation is their reputation for job hopping. They might be in contact with a talented engineer since sophomore year at college only to loose them 9 months into employment when a project deadline happens to impede their ability to attend Burning Man that year. An article by Austin Merritt at The New Talent Times and Software Advice says that one of the best ways to assess the longevity of  a hire is to get an in depth  understanding of the candidate’s interests. By leaning what other jobs they’re applying to and their similitude with your own company, you can at least tell where they are professionally focused.

Additionally, discovering their goals (both short and long-term) is a good way to assess whether they’ll be sticking around or not. If a candidate’s goals are defined, then you’ll know you’re hiring someone who will be able to conceptualize and appreciate the prospect of growing and advancing in your company as working towards those goals. Ultimately, people will do what they want. But, by getting an understanding of how forward thinking young candidates are, you’ll be more likely to get grads who factor your business into their future.

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