How Hiring Great Talent is Like Building a Snowman

How Hiring Great Talent is Like Building a Snowman


Many of us have fond memories of building childhood snowmen in the backyard or showing our children how it’s done on those cold, snowy school vacation days. With winter upon us once again, it’s fun to draw similarities between that much-loved snowman and the hiring function. Developing a great recruiting function and hiring great talent is a lot like building a snowman.

1. Building Your Foundation

Rolling that first giant snowball around on the ground to make the base is arguably the most important step in building a great snowman. It’s the foundation of the entire creation.

In much the same way, the foundation of a great recruiting function in your employer brand. Without a great brand and a compelling reason for candidates to apply to your organization, hiring great talent becomes much more difficult. In fact, if you don’t have this employment foundation in place, the best talent may be flocking to your competitors.

2. A Full Body

While some don’t bother with a second snowball to make the body, the best snowmen always have it. It’s not unlike the way many companies build out their hiring.

The most effective recruiting functions include an employee referral program because HR leaders know that an ERP is one of the best ways to find top talent. Not only do employee referral programs help you find the most qualified candidates, but they also lower talent acquisition costs and employee turnover rates.

3. The Perfect Head

Obviously, you need a great head to make a great snowman. In the same way, you need a great relationship with your hiring managers to have a great recruiting function and hire great talent.

Creating a great working relationship with your hiring managers involves understanding their needs, making sure they understand the recruiting process, and giving them the tools they need to interview, make the offer, and onboard highly qualified talent. It can be a lot of work, but it’s well-worth the effort.

4. Putting Your Best Face Forward

A snowman just isn’t a snowman without a face. In the world of recruiting, that “face” is the job description you publish for each open position and the recruitment marketing strategies you employ.

After all, your job description is the first contact that many candidates have with your company and your opportunity. Capturing the attention of top talent, and holding it throughout the application process is as important as those “two eyes made out of coal” are to Frosty the Snowman.

And remember… the carrot isn’t just for the snowman’s nose. Use your own carrot (or hook) in job descriptions to hook the most qualified talent and make your open positions irresistible.

5. Adding the “Arms”

Everyone knows that a good snowman always has arms that reach out from the body. By the same token a good recruiting function knows how to reach out and source top talent from a lot of different resources.

And while we’re on the subject, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only a few candidate sources will produce results. The most effective recruiting functions use any source available to them to increase the diversity of candidates found.

It’s kind of like trying to find arms for your snowman when there are no twigs around – you just have to look a little farther out.

6. Wrapping It Up With a Scarf

The snowman’s scarf ties your creation together just like having an effective recruiting process makes or breaks your hiring function. If your recruiting team is struggling with the hiring process, it can have a serious impact on your team, the hiring results, and your overall organization.

7. Topping It Off

Nearly everyone tops their snowman off with a hat of some kind. If fact, a snowman without a hat just looks incomplete and kind of sad.

In the same way, if your recruiting function doesn’t implement a policy of great communication, it looks pretty sad too. Not only do hiring managers and other recruiters expect great communication, but candidates have come to expect it too. If you don’t make it policy to keep candidates in the loop throughout the hiring process, you’ll seriously impact your brand. Lack of communication may also drive away the most qualified and sought-after candidates.

Snowman vs. Hiring Great Talent?

Okay, so hiring great talent isn’t EXACTLY like building a snowman, but both are pretty “cool” (Cue the eye rolling and head shaking). Yes, there are some similarities, but developing an effective recruiting function is a lot more work… and probably less fun.

But as we approach the holidays and the winter storms to come, it’s nice to think of playing in the snow and having fun with the kids. If you want to get serious about your recruiting as we approach the new year, get in touch with us.


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