How Key are Keywords?


For those employers that advertise on job boards, you know the importance of enticing job seekers to look through your ad and actually apply to the position. Unfortunately, with the sheer volume of jobs being posted to these sites, the most eloquent job title and description will get you nothing if it is buried behind 5 or 6 pages of similar jobs. Let’s be realistic, exponentially fewer people will browse each successive page of results. This makes using pertinent keywords of the utmost importance.

According to Simply Hired’s Leonard Palomino, there is a large discrepancy in words that employers are using to describe their positions versus the words that job seekers are querying in job board searches. In the article, Palomino uses the example of  the key word results from the healthcare section of a job board. While job seekers focused their search criteria on role and specialty (nurse, technician, radiology,  practitioner, etc.), employers were using more general healthcare terms as well as those related to the responsibilities of the position (health, medical, experience, patient, etc.).

With millions of job ads to compete with, including the relevant key words that job seekers are searching is becoming more of a basic requirement than an advantage. Yes, it is good to stand out from the pack, but you can’t really do that when the pack is crowding you down to page 10 of search results. You can still craft an appealing and unique job ad while still including the keywords to get you seen by as many job seekers as possible. Just treat it like Mad Libs:

We are looking for a  _______ who can ________ with the utmost _____________ and has a highly developed ________.

Well, not quite like Mad Libs, but you get the idea.


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