How to Choose From Your Hiring Candidates


When it comes to picking the best fit candidate for your open job, selecting this candidate from the final handful of applicants can be tough. When you get down to the last few candidates for the job, often times, it can be impossible to differentiate them by credentials alone. This is the point at which you need to start looking for success factors for the position other than the raw skills that candidates possess. Which of the candidates stood out to you as the most knowledgeable about your company? Which candidate stood out to you as having great interpersonal and communication skills. When you want to hire the best person possible for the job, you need to remember that there’s a whole lot more to a good employee than what college they went to or which degree they happen to have.

If you want to hire somebody that’s truly excited about working for and adding value to your company, then you should be looking for candidates that go the extra mile in their job seeking efforts. Many companies prefer to hire candidates who already have jobs because it shows that they’re competent enough to hold down a job. If a candidate is already working and still finds the time to create a personal website or do extensive research on your company, then you can see the dedication they’ve put in to trying to land your job. Though most candidates will have researched your company, those that go the extra mile to learn what you’re all about are the ones who are truly engaged in your company’s mission or product. To them, the prospect of working for you was so exciting that they invested in professional head shots for their LinkedIn profile or invested money in picking up a brand new suit.

When evaluating the final handful of candidates, you should be looking for those little indicators of extra effort that I’ve been talking about. If a candidate serious about impressing you with their personal brand or research in the interview stage, you can bet that they’ll still be trying to impress you after you hire them. To see some of the things that job seekers do to differentiate themselves, check out this article from Salary.com.


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