How to Evaluate Your Employee Evaluations


Though employee evaluations can sometimes seem like a tiresome formality, they are a really great opportunity to have candid discussions with your workers about their performance. While a conversational tone in these evaluations can help to open a dialogue between you and your employees, getting too relaxed or disorganized can lead to small mistakes that have big consequences.

According to a article from CEO.com, the most important thing to keep straight is the details. Never make a statement about how an employee should improve without having concrete examples of where their performance is lacking.

Vague statements about “getting better” can leave an employee confused and frustrated, wanting to perform better but not knowing how to proceed. If you want to use employee evaluations to your benefit and the benefit of your employees, go into each eval with clear talking points and the goal of establishing an honest and constructive dialogue. To read about the other 9 things to avoid saying during employee evals, click the link below.

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