How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter


There’s no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to your hiring difficulties. Social Recruiting has been marketed as the last thing you’ll ever have to do in the hiring process, but this just isn’t the case. In order to get the best out of your LinkedIn Recruiter subscription, you need to do a whole lot more than just…well, subscribing.

For one thing, when trying to attract passive candidates to jump ship and swim on over to the SS Better Job, the most important thing is and always will be the relationship that you build with them. The good news is that, by strategically approaching passives within your employee referral network, the connection that you’re trying to cultivate already exists through their relationship to your employee.

If you aren’t already using social media to leverage your employee referral program, now is a great time to start.

The main reason that these two hiring tools synergize so well is that you take the high candidate quality that referrals provide and combine that with the huge levels of exposure that networks like LinkedIn provide. This way, your job ad goes out to more than just the colleagues in the contacts of your employees, it goes out to pretty much everyone they’ve ever worked with or known in their professional lives.

The next time you’ve got a vacancy, make sure that everyone is aware of your employee referral program and is on board for pushing your ad out to their social network. After you’ve written your compelling, informative job description, pass it on to your employees and ask them to post it to any industry, alumni or professional groups that they belong to, as well as the individuals that they believe would be interested.

By leveraging your job through the online social groups of your employees, you get exponentially more exposure for the position than if they only push it through their profile. Plus, you get that personal touch that I was talking about earlier.

Think about it, are you more likely to check out some anonymous job at Somecompany Inc. or one that one of your favorite co-workers of all time recommended to you?

Now, if you’re interested in broadening your social talent search past your employee referral program, your best bet is using LinkedIn Recruiter. Many professionals that use LinkedIn are quite meticulous about updating their profile, meaning that you can basically see what would be on their resume if they sent it to you.

One of the largest advantages of LinkedIn Recruiter is the advanced search filters that it gives you. You can search by the basics like job titles or get a little more specific with filters like company size or even by a particular alma mater. It also allows you to create a portfolio of potential passives which is incredibly useful for staying organized. This way, you can collect a folder of leads and then spread out the actual contact building to multiple members of your team.

One last tip…

When pushing out your ad, you might try phrasing your pitch something like this: “If you know anyone who would be interested in (insert your compelling job description here), please pass this on to them.” This delivery is much less aggressive than a direct pitch and can actually serve to generate even more leads if the passive candidates passes on the job to their network. You sound more like someone with good news than someone who’s desperate to sell something.


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