How to Hire Great Programmers


If you’re trying to be competitive in the technology industry, one of the most important things that you can do to benefit your business is hire the best programming talent possible. Employees are the lifeblood of your business and programmers are the the ones that turn an idea like “I want to make an app to monitor my blood pressure” and turn it into a reality.

While you might be competing with some of the most recognizable brands on the planet (Google, Apple, etc.) for top tech talent, there are ways to stand out as a great employer. By focusing on the development of your employer brand and getting a little creative, you can start to attract top talent to your company.

Oh yeah, and by the way, Google and Apple also have some of the highest turnover rates in the industry. I guess insane perks and oodles of cash aren’t the only things that employees care about!

In order to attract top programming talent, you need to differentiate your company from your competitors. This means that the first thing that you should do is re-evaluate your job marketing. Instead of your job description reading like a robot’s shopping list (technical requirements in bullets with little to no descriptive language), you want potential candidates to learn about all that your company has to offer them. The technologies they’ll be working with, the tight knit team they’ll be joining, the flexible work environment that you offer.

You want to make your company sound unique and your job sound like an opportunity that you’d be foolish to turn down.

The next step in differentiating your company from the competition is focusing on your employer branding. In case you haven’t read one of our articles on employer branding, it’s basically the employee experience that your job marketing, reputation and online presence projects to potential candidates.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you’ve got a strong, appealing employee brand is to update the career page on your company’s website. If you don’t already, feature some of your most talented employees on this page as well as any accomplishments that they might have achieved in your industry.

Talented programmers want to work with other talented programmers, plain and simple.

If tech talent sees your company as a challenging career opportunity that other programmers are already taking advantage of, it’s only too natural that they’ll want a part of the action.

Another way to attract top programming talent is to sponsor some sort of programming challenge or contest. This will strengthen your employer brand, making you seem enterprising and disruptive in the marketplace to tech talent. Now, the size of the prize will depend on your company’s resources, but this small investment can do a lot to increase your company’s profile in your industry and generate interest from job seekers and passive candidates alike.


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