How to Put the Viral in Your Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing is one of the most useful and one of the most unpredictable tools at our disposal today. Marketing your company’s content through social media sites mostly free, making what you stand to gain (should your content go viral) all the more valuable.

That being said, it’s all well and good to design a piece content for your company that you think will go viral, but there’s no guarantee that it will even make a dent in raising your typical inbound traffic. You might spend weeks or months setting up a giant domino rally that will spell your company’s name or trying to get your cats to do something funny on camera, only to have your post slip quietly into anonymity.

But fear not! We have a useful breakdown of viral Facebook posts from Ross Simmons, social marketing expert.

One of the most useful things that Ross identified was the importance of a call to action in your social marketing efforts. Social networks are interactive spaces that give companies and their customers/fans an even playing field on which to talk and joke around. By designing posts or campaigns with this interactive nature in mind, you’re inviting in a flurry of traffic from all the discussion that you can potentially generate.

To get the other 10 secrete ingredients for going viral, check out Ross’s article and slide show.


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