How to Show Your Employees That You Care


We’ve talked a lot this week about the policies and practices that lead to higher employee engagement such as selecting managers for their emotional intelligence and creating a strong, welcoming company culture for your employees to be a part of. While these practices are great for building your employees’ fondness for their employer, there are still plenty of things that you can do to show your employees that you appreciate them. Even small gestures of appreciation like gift cards for Starbucks or Amazon can be quite an effective motivation tool. If you want to see more engagement in your employees, recognizing and rewarding your top performers can be a great way to see that happen.

While the rewards that you can offer your staff will depend entirely upon your budget, this strategy’s effectiveness has very little to do with the actual rewards that you’re offering. According to an article from CareerRealism, you can even skip prizes all together and simply take some time every week to recognize a few top performers in your staff. Just be sure that this recognition doesn’t turn into favoritism, as the same handful of people receiving praise week after week can be quite demotivating for the rest of your employees.

Another way to show your employees that you care is to organize trips or outings for them. Again, you don’t have to go as far as an all expenses paid trip to the Cayman Islands to show that you care. An impromptu picnic at a public park, free lunch at a nearby restaurant or an after work outing to watch your staff’s favorite team at a sports bar are great, inexpensive ways to promote a strong, employee-friendly company culture. Just be sure that you’re bringing your employees on outings that they’re actually interested in, lest your generosity be construed as a token gesture.


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