How to Spot High Potential Candidates


How do you measure potential in a person? Is it in their presence when they walk into the room? Is it in their education and experience? A special sparkle in their eye?

Yes, all sorts of things can lead us to believe that the person we just met is going places. While charm and presence make for a good interview, the real indicator of their future potential is in the way they’ve gone about completing their work in the past. According to an article from ERE.net, there are a few key indicators in a candidate’s work history that will let you know if they’ve got big plans ahead of them.

The first thing you should look for in a candidate’s work history is if they were assigned more challenging tasks than their peers. Were they taking big responsibilities or just taking up space? Similarly, seeing what role they played in a team setting is also useful in determining if the candidate is a high achiever. Were they in a leadership role, or even a silent tech mastermind? Basically, you’re looking for people who are ahead of the curve. To read the full article, follow the link below.

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