Facebook can be a Hiring Manager’s Gold Mine


Facebook and other social media have become an integral part of most people’s personal lives and professional toolboxes. Facebook offers companies a platform for direct marketing and recruiting. Basically, if your business isn’t represented in the social media sphere then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity not only for expanding brand awareness, but for recruiting the most qualified potential employees to grow your company. But simply creating a page is not enough on its own fulfill the recruiting potential that social media offers. Here at Accolo, we pride ourselves on our social-media savvy.

Whether you want to use Facebook for recruitment or for marketing purposes, it’s important to keep your page regularly updated with timely and relevant content. You can’t let your page atrophy out there in cyberspace. Be sure to invest the necessary time into creating a web presence and interacting with your fans, customers and potential future employees. This is “social” media, after all. To get some more tips about using Facebook the right way, click the link below:

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