If Someone is Sick, Send Them Home!


After the holidays have come and gone, it’s time for Americans to prepare for that most special time of year: that’s right, flu season is here. Deck the halls with packs of Halls and prepare your fuzziest blankets to be drenched in sweat and mucus.

If you don’t know someone who is coughing, sniffling, hacking, wheezing, shivering or otherwise exhibiting symptoms of having a great time, then you either have some really healthy friends or they’re still incubating a nasty little germ to spread around over the next few weeks.

For businesses, flu season means that a whole lot of workers are going to be operating at half steam and and still more will be konked out at home in front of  the TV. To help you get through this most auspicious of times, here’s “How to Keep the Flu Out of Your Office,” from Inc Magazine.

Besides washing your hands, the most effective thing that you can do to keep the sickness from spreading is to get all of the sick people out of the office. Make sure that you’re on the same page as your HR person when it comes to your sick day policy and who qualifies. Even if you end up letting half of your people go home, this will be better for efficiency in the long run.

Operating understaffed for a few days is a much better alternative to  your whole team catching the bug.


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