Interview Questions for Marketing Positions


When interviewing a candidate for part of your marketing team, it can be very beneficial to evaluate this person on more than just their employment history. You want to get a feel for them, what their practical, on-the-job presence will be like.

According to HubSpot’s CMO, in today’s featured article, you’ll want to take this practical evaluation one step further and actually test the interviewee’s ability to think on their feet. The article went on to divulge some carefully-honed interview questions that are designed to test different areas of expertise in candidates for inbound marketing positions.

One of the questions he suggested involved presenting the interviewee with an Excel spreadsheet containing thousands of listings for companies (including basic information) and asking them to produce a lead score. After this, follow up by pushing them for specifics. How will they analyze the data, specifically? What metrics do they think are important and why? I highly encourage anyone who is interviewing applicants for a position in marketing to check this article out for some great interview questions.

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