Interview To Dos and To Don’ts


We have all been nervous at an interview, and wondering if we are doing the right things to get the job. At Accolo, we understand that just getting to the interview process is a trek, so here are some tips on making that interview a success!

‘Shoulds’ and ‘Should nots’ can plague a person, especially on an interview. Thankfully, Lou Adler, the author of The Essential Guide for Hiring  & Getting Hired wrote a great article on LinkedIn on Interview Do’s and Don’ts is there to advise us!

He goes over great ways of saving yourself, from well… yourself. Adler also discusses the best methods of getting a foot up on the interview and making yourself more appealing to the company. From being specific in your accomplishments to pre-interview prepping, he gives awesome insight in his article: “The Five Things You Must Not Do in an Interview and Five Things You Must”.

On top of that, Accolo provides great insight from the interviewers side. Download a free copy of “Accolo’s Guide to Interviewing and Hiring” to know how you are being critiqued. This way you have all the tools to assure you are performing at your best! Check the article out, and then take a quick glance at the listed jobs on Accolo to get the application process started!

We look forward to hearing about your success!


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