Interviewing for Motivation


Evaluating a candidate’s level of motivation, and the conditions under which they will perform at their best, seem like difficult things to figure out for sure during an interview. According to Lou Alder, it’s not only these things that you should aim to learn by the end of an interview, but also a candidate’s aptitude for the primary tasks that they would be completing at your company.

This can be done most effectively by starting with an outline of several concrete performance objectives, and defining the work for the candidate from the start. Once you have defined the work, you ask the candidate to relate comparable accomplishments to these primary tasks from their work experience.

This method requires hiring managers to go further than just listening to these answers, as patterns in the candidate’s answers can reveal the conditions under which they can work best. Ask questions as they relate these comparable accomplishments. How closely did they work with their team? With their managers? Did they ever go above and beyond what was asked? To get Lou Alder’s advice on interviewing for motivated candidates, click the link below.

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