Investing in Strong Fits With Your Company Culture


Remember being a young guy or gal on the playground and getting your introduction to in-groups and out-groups? Whether you were one of kids that wanted to play sports or one of the kids who wanted to pretend they were dinosaurs sinking in a tar pit, you were drawn to those who you could naturally play with. The same principal applies in the adult working world. When you’re considering onboarding a candidate, this sort of innate meshing with your company’s culture should be high on your list of priorities. Sure, it would be nice to always hire the most impressive candidate, but if they’re not cut out for day-to-day interactions with their team members, you look to a candidate who will actually enjoy coming in to work. According to an article from ERE.net, hiring an employee that is a good cultural fit means greater job performance, more commitment and a tendency to stick with your organization. By hiring for cultural similitude, you’re getting loyal employees and saving time and money by avoiding misfits who will probably jump ship. To read the article on cultural fits from ERE.net, click the link below.

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