It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Can Get to Know


A new study out of Northwestern’s Kellog School of Management indicates that hiring managers are more likely to hire employees with whom they feel a common bond over a more qualified candidate with whom they share no common interests. The study was primarily focused on hiring managers in law firms, investment banks and consulting companies.

According to the Forbes article that summarizes the study, 70% of law firm hiring managers valued personality compatibility above all else while the figure hovers around 60% in investment banks and 40% in consulting companies. The takeaway message for job-seekers: have a personality.

If you’re into sailing or rugby or making miniature furniture, slap it in at the end of your resume. All of the data points to relatablity being a key factor and presenting yourself as both a good worker and a multifaceted person will definitely increase your chances of making a connection with a hiring manager. I

t’s true being defined one way or the other is a two edged sword, but it’s much better than presenting yourself as worker drone 1010100110001. To read the full Forbes article, click the link below.

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