Job Boards for Finding Creative People


It can be hard to find the complete package in a creative hire. Ideally, you want somebody who has both the vision to innovate for your product or image and the technical chops to implement their ideas. Not that most people in creative jobs (designers, R&D, marketing) are totally without one or the other, but you want to find the people who both have an excellent eye for what’s appealing/professional and a clear technical expertise in whatever design programs they’ll be using to produce their work.

While everything usually balances out, some people working on the text of your new website while others work on the layout, it’s important to have someone on your staff with the experience and aesthetics to bridge the gap between the creative and the technical.

If your web presence is in need of a makeover or if your company is interested in producing some video content for your website, there are a lot of job boards especially catering to creative professionals. Now, if you lack the resources or inclination to hire another full time employee to get these sort of projects accomplished, fear not! Many of the 13 Essential Job Boards for Creatives are based specifically on creating a community for remote and contract creative professionals.

You wouldn’t expect to find too many vegetarians at a ribs eating contest, so why are you looking for creative talent in the vast expanses of major job boards? Instead, take a look through that list go to source from where Nike, Nokia, Sony, Apple, Facebook, ESPN and HBO go to get their best and brightest creative workers.

While you probably don’t need Oliver Stone to film an promotional video to put on your company’s website, searching these niche job boards can give you access to candidates that you would never have reached otherwise.


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