Job Boards in Need of a Makeover


Though job boards are not as “dead” as many have been claiming, their state of affairs is a far cry from the heyday of the early 2000’s. Social Media is seen as the next step in recruiting and hiring in general, and the paving-over of the antiquated form of job boards as natural as development on a vacant lot. People holding this view, however, forget that much (if not all) of the success of social media platforms and aggregators is predicated on content that is generally from the job boards that they claim are a thing of the past. In an article by Matt Charney from ERE.net, he discusses the importance and continued relevance of the job board for precisely the reason that “content is king”. Charney argues in the article that nothing really differentiates social job sites (like LinkedIn) from traditional job boards besides a superior branding strategy. To read the full article, click the link below.

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