Job Seeking in 2013: Survival of the Quickest


For job seekers who have been on the hunt for some time, the start of a new year is a great time for a re-appraisal of your strategy for getting back into the working world and enjoying the security that comes with it. The uneven distribution of labor in the United States and large job seeker population creates situations in which every job opening is flooded with applicants.

These days, it’s all about practicality: the skills that you can showcase to prove that you are a valuable asset to your prospective employer. Today’s source article from Mashable.com discusses the 5 ways for job seekers to get an edge in the 2013 job circus. One of the most important take-home messages in this article is about specializing, or “Going Niche” as the article calls it.

This means honing your skill set for a field or maybe even a few specialized jobs within these specialized fields, so that you can go out and try to find your place at a company that you admire. To read the full article, follow the link below.

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