Making Hiring Allies in the War for Talent


There’s been a lot of talk about “The War for Talent” running around in the blogosphere lately. While no shots are fired, high profile talent are pelted by multiple contacts from multiple recruiters each week. When “re-recruiting” your top employees every 6 months with ever fancier counter offers becomes standard operation procedure, you know that things are a bit hectic.

Doug Douglas, compared the strife that many recruiters are facing in terms of The Hunger Games in “Recruiting the Hunger Games Way.” One my favorite points from the article was to make allies in order to conquer your hiring challenges. In the Hunger Games, the allies that you pick in the cutthroat competition make the difference between life and death. In today’s talent market, allying yourself with the right team of recruiters or marketing experts. By looking to outside firms and other internal bodies (like marketing) you will get a recruitment strategy that is strengthened by the collaboration of multiple expert sources.

Everything from the job descriptions that you’re pushing to the channels that you use for sourcing should be able to adapt to today’s competitive talent marketplace.


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