Market Your Job Like You’re in Marketing


Nothing is static. You might believe that there is a “right way” and a “wrong way” to recruit, but I’d suggest that the only “right way” is based exclusively on what works: and this is always changing.

The job market is in a rather chaotic state.

Where before there was both greater job security and employee retention, now even employees who enjoy their jobs are always on the hunt for better prospects. Thus, your strategy for finding and retaining top talent (those valuable souls that are also the greatest flight risk) needs to be as dynamic as the industry conditions in which you find yourself working.

Some great advice on keeping up with the ever shifting demands of the hiring world is in “Recruiting is Marketing-4 Lessons Your HR Team Can Learn From the Marketing Department.” The clearest area of cross over between marketing and recruiting is when you’re advertising an open position. When it comes to marketing your next job, break out of your “tried and true” method. Invest in an employee referral program that leverages your ad through social media or make a video series about life in your workplace. These strategies give your job marketing a personal touch that a job board ad simply doesn’t carry.

But most of all, make sure you’re writing a good job description that takes advantage of SEO best practices.


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