Network for Your Net Worth!


Networking is important no matter who you are. Creating and maintaining a strong network is just as important to job seekers as it is to small business owners. Even large business owners would not be able to maintain their place in the market without a network, let alone get to their position in the first place.

In an article from Business Insider, masters of networking Dr. Ivan Minster and Matthew Rothenberg go over the essential steps of creating a network with real bonds that go beyond a pure business relationship. Some of the greatest advice that I saw in this piece was on the quality of the relationships that you should be aiming for in your network.

Basically, you want to start with a connection of common interests and mutual understanding that will be strong enough to transition gracefully into a business relationship. Even if your ties with a contact aren’t super tight, following a little advice from the pros can make all the difference. In the interview, Rothenberg says”people hate to say ‘no.’ If you put them in a situation where they can say ‘yes,’ they’ll be happy to do so.”

By demonstrating that you’re valuable with small favors and transactions, you pave the way for an enduring connection that will, with some more social finesse, lead to other connections in the future. To read the full article, click the link below.

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