New Essential Steps for College Recruiting


Recruiting straight out of college may no longer be a viable option. Companies like Google have started reaching out to potential talent as early as their freshman year. The college recruiting game is changing and if your strategy doesn’t adapt accordingly, you could be left trawling for small fry long after the real fish have been snatched up.

In a new article by Dr. John Sullivan, internationally known HR strategist, he enumerates the top changes that college recruiters will have to make to their strategies. The most important thing that he stressed was to focus on the data. Research on the job performance of students from various schools and majors to determine where the most best talent can be found. By tracking these metrics, you can spend your time and money on attracting students who are statistically more likely to perform well in the workforce.

Another key point from the article was about the importance of technology in recruiting Millennial students. By expanding your company’s referral network out to students, TA’s or even professors, you have established a presence on a campus without setting foot there. Also, make sure that every web page that you want young talent to see is mobile friendly. To read “The Top 10 Approaches for Winning the ‘War for College Talent,'” follow the link below.

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