Onboarding Uncertain Candidates


Just because you’ve found a fantastic candidate that seems genuinely interested and excited in the position you’re offering doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the whole hiring thing in your rear-view mirror. The period between the candidate’s acceptance of the offer and the day when their butt is actually in the chair can be just as uncertain and nebulous as the initial search period. Chances are, if they are truly talented, their current employer will not want to let them go without a fight.

According to an article by Bronwen Hundley from ERE.net, there are several “Red Flags” that you should always be watching for in this in-between period between acceptance and onboarding.

The most obvious red flag is if the candidate tells you that they aren’t so sure about the job anymore. The most likely professional explanation for their uncertainty is that someone else has made an offer just as juicy or even juicier than the one you’ve given them. The way to deal with this is to engage the candidate conversationally to find out if they’ve received such an offer from their current employer or another prospective employer.

Try to get specifics on the offer and tell the candidate that you’re passing the information on to the hiring manager that’s interested in them. By getting the counter-offer out in the open, you stand a much greater chance of hiring that talented individual. To read about the other pre-onboarding red flags to look out for, click the link below.

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