Perks Make the World Go ‘Round


Surely, by now, most people in the business world are aware of offices that boast rock climbing gyms, catered lunches, bean bag chairs and supposedly unlimited vacation days. These places may seem more appealing to work at (which is the sole point of these perks in many cases), but in actuality, there are usually trade-offs hidden under the thin veil of creature comforts.

By having food available on the premises, an expectation is placed onto employees to eat at their desks, rather than forage through any local food courts or other eateries.

The idea behind this is, of course, to increase productivity.

But, as it turns out, being at your desk for longer doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get more work done. According to “The Myth of the Cool Office”, an article from The Atlantic Wire, workers waste 2 billion minutes of productive time per day in their pursuit of snacks, coffee, delicious sandwiches and other amenities. By encouraging employees to treat the office more like their second home, it’s possible for many of them to get a little too comfortable. To read “The Myth of the Cool Office”, click the link below.

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