Positivity Tips the Scales in Team Performance


When you’re trying to get someone to do something, it’s important to know the best way to go about telling this person how to do it. People aren’t machines, yet are somewhat similar in the way they have definite limits, especially in the amount of direction that they’re willing to take.

Unfortunately, unlike a machine, there’s no easy way to see if the amount of constructive or deserved criticism that you give to somebody is overloading their mechanism, so to speak.

A new study out of the Harvard Business Review suggests that the best way to keep your team at its best is through being predominantly positive while saving constructive or negative feedback for hard line issues. This study examined 60 close knit teams and found that the teams that were most successful monetarily gave about 5 positive comments to each other for every 1 negative comment. This was in contrast to average and poorly performing teams, having a 1.9 and .36 ratio of Positive to negative comments respectively.

While it’s true that some employees need a lot more direction than others, focusing on the positive can actually help to improve their performance. To read the Harvard Business Review article, click the link below.

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