Putting Bad Marks on Your Own Permanent Record: How Your Online Presence Effects Your Standing in the Workplace


It can be hard to take things back. Once words leave your lips or are spelled out on a page, you are adding to your personal brand or, if you’re representing your employer, your company’s brand. Many of us have learned to hold our tongues in the office, in line at the bagel shop and even during heated

Thanksgiving arguments about the potato salad that are definitely not about the potato salad.

What about online? Have you ever been a little too flippant in a Facebook thread or status post? Have you tweeted every bowel movement you’ve had since 2010?

What about an employee’s online presence is available to their employer?

Most of it.

For people like me, who were on Facebook when they still had braces, the uncouth things that I’ve said online are still floating around somewhere, still available for a quick Google search. Basically, anything that’s not password protected is fair game, from the groups your affiliated with to anything you’ve said in what you thought was your private online life. To find out what’s fair game for evaluating an employee’s online presence, click the link below to read the full Forbes article.

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