Qualities for Employees in the Matrix


The influence of globalization on business has subverted the classic ladder-style hierarchy that once reigned as the organizational standard. Employees may report to people on a daily basis who they will never meet in person or be switched constantly from one team to another within their company, having a new boss every week.

In this new power structure, a “Matrix” as writer and CEO Kevin Hall calls it, employees that excelled under more traditional models are facing difficulties in the flux and flow of Matrix companies. Recruiters need to be aware of the structure of their clients’ operations and not feed them candidates who will be lost in a system that requires more perspective and drive than your typical position. According to Kevin Hall, some of the most important qualities for an employee in a Matrix style firm to possess are flexibility and the ability to see how their work fits into the grand scheme of things. To read more about what makes a good Matrix employee, click the link below.

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