Recruit With Technology, Not Against It


When it comes to recruiting technology, there are products that work and products that don’t. Sure, there may be a great deal of theory suggesting that this or that program will deliver a pipeline of top candidates, but it’s what happens in practice that matters.

Don’t cling to outdated programs just because they’re the “standard”.

In today’s recruiting world, it’s all about embracing change, not struggling to work with tools that are broken. If the online hiring software you use is clunky, cut the dead weight and side with innovation over stagnation.

Companies like Accolo are developing new technology-driven recruiting strategies that will help the talent acquisition industry keep pace with the ever-fluctuating job market. According to an article from ERE.net, the most important thing to keep in mind for recruiting in 2013 is that technology will only take you as far as finding the right candidate.

It is still up to the recruiter to take the next step and form the connection that gets the talent where they were meant to be. To read the full article click the link below.

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