Recruiting in Flux: New Challenges on The Way


Change is the only constant and those who do not adjust to change are operating on conditions that may no longer apply. One of the biggest changes in recruiting and hiring in general is the ever-growing breadth and sophistication of technology. Though the nature of recruiting necessitates a “human touch” in forming connections with talent, the general movement for discovering new hires has been towards data analysis and mining job boards.

Today’s source article from ERE.net talks about how technology is both a blessing and a challenge to recruiters, emphasizing that it is merely a condition of the times we live in to be utilized and overcome. The article also mentions a second big shake up to recruiting which is the trend of the expanding temporary workforce, citing studies that say 40% of jobs will be freelance by 2020.

While these factors may seem daunting to the future of recruiting, the reality is that they merely complicate the situation. Businesses will always need top talent and in our world that is increasingly saturated with self promotion, recruiters will be needed to separate the wheat from the chaff. To learn strategies of adapting to these changes from the ERE.net article, click the link below.

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