References: Your Bread and Butter in Recruiting


References are one of the most useful tools at the disposal of recruiters today. Unlike comparatively flat descriptions of a candidate’s prowess from a job board, referrals typically give you a better picture of the candidate and statistically lead to a better hire more often than not. While referrals have been used in the past primarily to check that the person that your hiring is not a ticking time bomb, their role has gained more usefulness and added a human assurance to the recruiting process lately. Today’s source article from ERE.net discusses at length when and how recruiters can use references to their advantage.

One of the simplest ways to get references working for you is to utilize LinkedIn as a reference database and hiring pool. By examining both the endorsements for and endorsements made by a promising candidate, you will be able to gain access to experienced workers who likely have a similar skill set to the one you are looking for. To see the other 7 ways that references can help in your recruiting, click the link below.

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