Small Businesses Targeted For Cyber Theft


With the ever-increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks in the US, government officials have warned all small and medium sized businesses to be wary of these virtual onslaughts. Recently there have been several high profile cyber intrusions into the secure innards of several high profile companies (such as Apple, Microsoft and the Federal Reserve), a phenomenon that is apparently only going to grow in frequency.

In a house sub-committee meeting on Thursday, it was revealed that over 20% of cyber attacks are perpetrated against companies with fewer than 250 employees. Hackers targeting this size of business do exponentially more damage than against larger companies. According to an article from Bloomberg, 60% of small businesses that are hit by a cyber attack go out of business with in a year. Small and medium-sized businesses can be a tempting target for hackers as they do not have the same level of IT resources available to larger firms. To read about the developing cyber crime controversy, click the link below.

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