Social Networking and the Future of Hiring


The integration of social media into the recruiting process was a turning point, leaving the old ways of doing things behind. This development of the web presence of candidates has been a useful, if sometimes controversial tool for screening candidates. While party pics on Facebook from several years ago probably won’t tell you much about a candidate, the concern that this potential screening generated spawned hordes of online image management companies.

But according to China Gorman, the days of social profile evaluation may be behind us. A new survey from SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) says that just about two thirds of employers do not or will no longer use search engines or social media to screen candidates. This is most likely to do with the evolution of legal ramifications associated with misuse of candidate profiles.

One of the most significant data points in the survey was that 40% of companies are now seeking upper management through social media. This effectively gives top management candidates the option to self-promote rather than seeking employment through recruiters. To read China’s full article and grab some more social media trends, click the link below.

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