Social Networks as Second Highest Talent Source


One of the most important sources for talent in 2013 is social networks. Not only do professional networks such as LinkedIn provide a simple and mostly visual interface for people searching through high volumes of potential hires, but they also have used their popularity to gather key data about their more successful users. In fact, for 2013, recruiters said that social networks were their second largest source of talent, just a few percentage points behind employee referral programs.

Social networks have also proven to be quite useful in establishing and strengthening employer brands. The ability to push out content as well as interact on social networks builds a company’s web presence faster than ever before. According to a LinkedIn report on 2013 recruiting trends, most US based recruiters see employer branding as a threat to their business, fearing that their competitors will create stronger brands than they can. Even though US recruiters put building their employer brand at the bottom of their list of priorities, 85 percent believe that “employer brand has a significant impact on ability to hire great talent.” Like I’ve been saying for months, employer branding is key. It’s who your company is to potential hires. To read the recruiting trends from LinkedIn, click the link below.

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