Software Developer Outsources all of His Work to Chinese Consultant


Telecommuting into work might sound like a dream to you. No rush to get out the door before the sun comes up, no early morning traffic and most importantly: no pants required. The only down side is the potential for distraction that exists in the comfort of one’s home. Yep, pretty much the only downside of working from home is that you still have to get yourself to work when nobody is watching you. Or that’s the theory at least. The exception to this rule came, today, in the form of a software developer for Verizon outsourcing his daily tasks to a consultant in Shenyang, China.

What did this lazy, enterprising individual do with his free time? Diddly squat. According to the BBC, the software developer surfed the internet for almost the entire time that he was supposed to be working. In addition to lying to Verizon, the culprit was also outsourcing his work at other companies to the same overworked Chinese Developers, paying 50,000 a year to pull in a several hundred thousand dollar salary. To read more about this hard to believe story, follow this link to the BBC source article.

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