Some Words of Wisdom from the CEO of LinkedIn


We all know that it’s important to stop and smell the roses, but when’s the last time  that you actually took some time to appreciate the things and people that you see  every day?

Taking this time for reflection and appreciation can be hard to do,  especially if you’re trying to appreciate your morning commute, but it can help  immensely if you’re feeling lost or down in the dumps. If you won’t take my word for  it, listen to Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn. In today’s featured article,

Jeff talks about the difficult position that many professionals face when trying to burn the candle at both ends for their careers and their families. In the article, Jeff emphasizes the importance of compassionate management in the office and compassion at home. While it’s certain that some days won’t leave you with an ounce of patience, let alone compassion, overlooking the qualities that you love in others is sure to get you more worn out still.

To read the article from Jeff Weiner, click here.


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