Stalling Employers Cause Cycle of Sluggishness


More is lost through indecision than error. Employers around the country are wasting both their time and the time of the applicants that approach them with extensive rounds of interviews, psychological evaluations and other such excessive testing measures.

In The New York Times, a job seeker related his frustrations with the amount of hurdles set in his path by potential employers. This man underwent 6 rounds of interviews for a position that was eventually dissolved for lack of a suitable candidate. This unfortunate trend keeps unemployed consumers from spending, which in turn leads to an economy in which employers fear to make a bad investment in something very unpredictable: a stranger.

With the economy still hacking up the last remnants of the financial flu, employers are happy to sit tight rather than settle for someone to their standards. The problem is that these standards can sometimes (often times) be highly unrealistic. Unless employers start to meet job seekers half way, this is going to be a long recovery. To read the NY Times article, click the link below.

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