Success for Baby Food Entrepreneurs “Tasty”


Some of the greatest business success stories start when enterprising consumers experience a hole in the marketplace first hand. Just take Liane Weintraub and Shannan Swanson, two health conscious moms from Los Angeles who were surprised at the scarcity of organic baby food available to them. With so few healthy options available to them, Liane and Shannon (who has worked as a cook for Wolfgang Puck) decided to whip up some healthy, home-made baby goop. But don’t let their good intentions and the fact Liane’s baby taste tested their first recipes fool you.

From the very beginning, it was all about getting their product onto the shelves for these enterprising ladies.

After they had put together some of their initial recipes, they started the process of getting their line “Tasty Brand” out of the kitchen and into stores across the nation. Though they had an easy time of getting a few celebrity investors involved, the logistics of breaking into the foodstuffs industry proved to be a lot harder.

In their feature with Inc. Magazine, Liane says “We had great ideas and a fantastic looking brand with attributes that directly addresses the growing concerns of the American consumer, but we had no knowledge of this industry or how to make or bring a product to market. The learning curve was absurdly steep.”

The business partners were unprepared for the long period between when they pitched their product to a retailer and when their baby food actually started appearing in the store. They also had trouble with miscommunication on the part of potential buyers. Though they might have said yes in the meeting, on several occasions, these spoken agreements did not translate into any actual orders.

Today, Tasty Brand is carried by Whole Foods, Fairway, Central Market, Tops, ShopRite/Wakefern, and other chain stores. Though the stresses and complications of launching headfirst into launching their product was more than they bargained for, they followed through and turned their vision into a success.


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