Tech Professional Shortage in Chicago


IT and other tech professionals have some of the most valuable and sought-after skills for employers in the US. This demand follows a general trend of applicable skills or specialized trades gaining value to employers as well as, according to many of these employers, growing in scarcity in the hires that they make. One place where the demand for tech professionals with practical experience is exceptionally high is Chicago.

According to Wanted Analytics, there are over 10,000 job listings for positions such as (in order from most to least common): Java Developer, Project Manager, .NET Developer, Senior Java Developer, etc. Basic economics time: low supply = high demand. Higher than the national average of difficulty per hire. Wanted Analytics uses a scale of hiring difficulty up to 99 (the most difficult) and ranks the national average at 79 and Chicago at 83, or in more concrete terms a 39 day posting period for Tech positions in Chicago.

For recruiters, this means a bit more of a head ache in the windy city, but fear not, today’s source article has some suggestions for candidate sources in nearby cities. For job seeking tech professionals: get your butt to Chicago! To read more statistics about and solutions to Chicago’s Tech drought, click the link below.

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