Telecommuting: Here to Stay or Out the Door?


n the recent telecommuting debate that has taken over the internet in almost every business magazine or publication, the consensus seems to show a backlash against slipping standards of innovation. Many of the companies that have reversed their work-from-home policies say they have done so in order to improve collaboration and teamwork between employees.

According to an article from ERE.net, companies that are in the midst of a turnaround or recovery (like Best Buy and Yahoo) want “all hands on deck” in this make-or-break moment of economic uncertainty. Undoubtedly, telecommuting will not vanish completely from the workforce, but it may become a perk of specific industries rather than a widespread alternative to putting in time at the office. In today’s corporate climate, innovation is rapidly becoming the priority over productivity.

And while collaboration online works in theory, there will never be a substitute for an actual person-to-person brainstorming session. Those who were previously permitted to work in their PJ’s might find the switch disagreeable, but such are the times we live in. To read an article on telecommunication from ERE.net, click the link below.

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