The Critical Importance of Talent Branding


Brand perception in regards to recruiting is quickly becoming one of the largest factors in the success of talent acquisition companies. Now, and into the future, the type of talent that companies are able to get a hold of has as much to do with the perception of the agency as it does with the job market itself.

In a recent article from ERE.net it was revealed that 83% of talent acquisition executives believe employment brand to be a key factor in being able to get the interest of top-of-the-line employees. These days, perception is everything, and is both easier and more challenging to control. Every interaction that your company has with a client or candidate, online or in person, on Facebook or through email, contributes to the overall branding of your company.

According to the article, the very best strategy for getting cohesive and positive talent branding is to start from the top down by getting executives on board. Selling them on the importance of talent branding is the first step towards a strong employment identity which can, according to ERE, can cut the cost of hires by half and reduce turnover by 25%. To read about the 3 most important factors in a strong talent brand, click the link below.

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