The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Marketing


This week on the Accolo blog, we’ve been talking about the ways that you can use social networks to help with your hiring, both through creating connections with job seekers that view your online presence and getting your job ads a whole lot more exposure than only job boards can offer.

Today, we’re going to be shifting out of the general “how to” kind of stuff into the do’s and don’ts of using social media to your best advantage, both in hiring and for the strength of your company’s brand. The reason that a robust social media presence is important for attracting talent is that it gives you a much stronger employer brand, a place where job seekers can interact and connect with your brand. Trust me when I say that while a well managed social media profile can spell dividends for your company, a poorly managed profile can be useless or even be the source of a full blown PR nightmare.

The first thing that you want to do in order to ensure that your social marketing strategy gets off on the right foot is put the right person in charge of it. Many companies make the mistake of delegating the management of their profile to relatively inexperienced marketing staff or even interns who have only ever used these networks to put up prom pictures or play Mafia Wars.

Much like the rest of digital marketing, using social is not about what you “think” is going to be popular or engage your audience, it’s about doing what works and using what’s trending to your advantage. This takes a little experience to get a handle on. Ideally, you want a social wiz who has built up their own multiple social networks to include thousands of followers. The difference between an experienced social marketer and someone who’s just spent too much time on Facebook can be the difference between getting your company more exposure and funneling resources into a dead end project.

While leveraging trending topics and events is one of your best bets for increasing the exposure of whatever you tag it with, there still needs to be a little common sense involved. While you might think that it’s obviously in poor taste to piggyback your advertising on national tragedies, a lot of people apparently missed that memo. Just one example from this list of high profile social blunders is on KMart’s twitter, which included promotional hashtag #Fab15Toys in their 140 character statement on the Newtown shootings.

Yeah, because people will want to buy your toys when you link it to a SCHOOL SHOOTING.

What you do want to do with your social presence is provide something to engage your audience along with your job ads and self promotion. This could be through posting content like articles discussing current events in your industry or any case studies or white papers that your company releases. It could even be as simple as making sure that you get back to everyone who comments on your company’s page.

The bottom line is that you want to be your authentic selves in digital form, not spam bots and not a blank nothing either. The key to social is organically generating interest in your company through consistent, meaningful interactions with followers and delivering some substantive content to your industry groups.


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